Month: March 2013

Review: At Stake: Vampire Solutions

MV5BMTU4NDMyMDc3NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjUxNjU0OA@@._V1_SX214_There’s been a lot of talk about vampires in the past couple of yes. From True Blood, to that lame Disney Channel series… to Twilight. But the question is always around… who deals with these vampires in real world scenarios? That’s where At Stake: Vampire Solutions comes in.

This is a documentary style film (Think Blair Witch with a better camera… and acting.) focusing on the day to day operations of the AS:VS crew as they take their modified paintball guns full of glass marbles, and kill hoards of vamps terrorizing the town. Ending is one of the most insane vampire mosh pits I’ve seen in a while. Didn’t really think vampires really attacked in large groups but then again I was quite surprised so it did it’s job.

I’m usually not into the documentary style movie… unless it’s Christopher Guest. He just gets it. But here, it’s used to really get inside the heads of these rather radical human beings. They really remind me of the people I used to work with at the grocery store… only with weapons and shit.

I think I may have spoiled too much. The story is relatively simple so there’s nothing much to say… other than it’s a documentary gone horribly wrong.

It’s something fucking original. Give it a watch,  it’s damn short. Quite frankly I would love to see a series on this thing. But who knows what the future is gonna bring from this one. Watch it and enjoy.

If you’re not convinced. Go ahead and watch the trailer.

Then go watch it on demand, or get yourself a Blu-Ray like I watched. Sound was crisp as hell on the Blu-Ray though. Didn’t get the DVD to compare, but I’m sure it sounds just as good.

Well, go watch it.

Hell yes, we’re back. And here’s the future.

Hey guys. It’s been a hard life. But I’m here to talk about what the fuck we’re going to do next.

1. Youtube

If you haven’t checked out the Youtube yet do so. We have plenty of gaming related stuff. Mostly Marvel 3 stuff but we have other things too. We intend to have some Let’s plays sometime soon as well. Just let us know what we should do.

Also, you’ll see some shorts or some other nice things as well. You’ll also get our features as well. Why not use Vimeo? We’re not a bunch of fucking hipsters here.

2. Everything Else: The Warriors Path
Yes, this is the last part of the series. It’s been fun but we have bigger and better things ahead of us. The will be casting notices and whatnot very soon as I lock down these main roles. Everyone seems to be loving the new script thus far and I couldn’t be more proud. Nothing but high hopes and good things for this movie.

3. Dating for the Realistically Challenged
This is he I’ve been working on for quite some time. What do we get when we combine the mentally I’ll with speed dating? The result is just all kinds of fucked up… To say the very least. This will be shot Ina single day during the summer. And it will be quite sick.

4. A Hint of Cherry
I have been working on this off and on for the past couple of years. Its about vampires with some really questionable tastes. Hopefully we will have this filmed soon as well.

5. Dat Journalism
I’m jumping back into reviews. Gaming, movies, etc. I will also be doing con coverage starting with C2E2 next month. I will also be at Anime Midwest and GenCon Indy this year. If you see me around, shoot me a holler.

Its going to be an awesome year. Let’s rock.