REAL TALK: Suicide and Such

SuicidePreventionAs much as I love to talk about movies and all matter of funny stuff on this site (when I get the chance to actually do it that is. Movie and all) But I wanted to talk about something I really don’t discuss too often, and that’s on the subject of suicide.

Yeah, way to be a downer Joe. I’m sorry but it’s some stuff I’ve wanted to say for a while

But it’s just something that hits real close to home with me for two reasons. Well three. One of them is just an opinion.

First off isn’t really so serious. It’s just what I see a lot in film making  at least at the lower independent levels. There’s a ton of indie dramatic shorts out there. But A LOT of them just end up with the main character committing suicide. I’m not saying those filmmakers shouldn’t end their characters in such a manner. I mean it’s their world and they can do what they want. But the problem I see is that they’re not taking the time to actually dig into that person’s reason for suicide. When a human being commits suicide, most often than not, they do it alone and away from people. That, and they usually don’t talk about killing themselves RIGHT BEFORE the fact. That always got on my nerves. Really the writer and or director go for the cheap payoff of killing off the character and generating feels that way. I just always felt it was cheap and really cheapens the very idea of suicide for those that don’t have to deal with it.

This is part of the reason why I do the comedies I do. They’re loud and silly. They have a special place in the realm of films that tie you up and force you to feel things. Yes it works, but like I said, it cheapens the idea and is just used as a magical mcguffin for emotion.


Why I feel this way is simple. Here are the two reasons.

1st off. There was my friend Airman First Class Jim Walsh. We spent many a day playing DDR and other arrow stomp. But more importantly we discussed our problems with one another and always helped each other out. I knew him for 9 really good years. But our conversations turned darker when he went to the Air Force Academy (quite an honor) He had issues dealing, plus medication. I spent a good deal of time some days talking to him, and cheer him up. He would always end up cheering me up too. But I got that call that he passed away and I couldn’t help be feel like I could have done more to help. And quite frankly I could have. This bothered me for quite some time. I think it always will. We all could have done a lot more him.

That leads me to reason number three, which is myself. What me and Jim had in common is the fact that we both tried to kill ourselves while in military. I was just lucky that I survived my attempt. However, that’s not the end of it. The whole memory and idea stays with you. No matter how okay you say you are. It’s really some crap and you’ll be dealing with for a really long time.

I guess what I’m getting at is you really can’t deal with this type of thing alone.  If you know someone who’s really on some hard times and may have mentioned the suicide thing before, just take some time to talk to him and check up on him. I never really had that. So even after my attempt, I always felt alone. I still actually still feel that today. I really wish I could have found a support group or something but I believe it’s a little too late for such a thing. Don’t take it lately, it’s a serious matter and should be handled accordingly and with love or else you’ll have a buttload of problems down the line. I have problems trusting people and building relationships and even just being around groups of people. Suicide, even when unsuccessful causes real problems.

Keep an eye on the people around you. Give them all the love you can give them. Because I’m sure they deserve it.


Now, back to fun things.




  1. Thank you for your brave, honest and candid account of the events in your life. Many of us have dealt with things that have left indelible scars. I for one am glad that you survived yours. Eventually, and with time, the scars will remain, the pain will linger, but you will heal.
    From one survivor to another. I promise. All My Best, Denise

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