It Truly IS the way. When it Works…

ImageWell, I totally have my music games covered at all times. From Pump, to DDR, to Rock Band. I’ve been playing quite a bit as of late getting in the mindset for said movie.

But I was surprised to see that Snoop Leon’s (I still can’t get used to that name) rhyhem game was out. So natually I had to scoop it up.

If you’ve ever played Elite Beat Agents or even downloaded OSU!. You know what’s up. Match buttons to the beat. Move the stick a little. You’ll build up meter to do a super move and you must get there before your opponent does. Simple as that.

There we go. That actually looked pretty fun didn’t it? Because it fucking is. And at 10 bucks for a new music game, you can’t go wrong right?

Here are the things I liked.

-It’s Snoop.

-It’s cheap.

-It’s fresh and original.

-It’s Snoop.

What I didn’t Like…

-The story is the worst thing 

-That I wasn’t high while playing this. It would be the best fucking thing ever.

-The fact that that game glitches a lot and will fail to load the inputs  That’s right, a music game that will randomly not load prompts. That’s a serious problem if you’re going for scores like me.

-The game will randomly drop your inputs like Marvel 3 does. I highly doubt this was done on purpose. If it was, then bravo.

-Frame rate issues.

-Did I mention how DUMB the story was. As a filmmaker, I was cringing at the writing and editing that went into the story. Quite frankly, they could have left the story out all together and just purely made it about a fighting tournament or something. That would have been pretty cool. Instead, we’re stuck hearing the story of America Jones.

-Where the fuck are my F-Words at? I know they were trying to get a Teen rating to sell more copies. But come on guys, it’s Snoop. Old school Snoop. I know an M-Rating might not sell what you want. But I’m still waiting for that M-Rated music game.

All and all, it’s 10 bucks. Check it. 

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