Real Talk: It’s All About the Joke, Please Get Over Yourself



Ya’ll seem to like it when I talk about stuff. So I’m talking about more stuff to help ya’ll know me better as a filmmaker and a human being as well. Hopefully I can help some of you guys out as well. I’m certainly helping my own damn self.

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about writing things that are funny and just how I feel about it. When you’re like me and have a gift for making people laugh (sometimes for the very wrong reasons) it’s your responsibility, or rather becomes your responsibility to keep those quality laughs coming. Everyone does it differently  Some do sock puppets, others smash fruit (I still don’t get it) and others like me make you try and laugh at things you really shouldn’t.

The last is what I truly excel at and it’s not really a crowded field. I can tell you why right now.

We live in a society these days where we don’t fight our own fights and think that everyone is out to get us. It’s like the Cold War but instead of fighting the USSR, we’re fighting invisible enemies within ourselves caused by what WE think is right or wrong… but in the grand sense of things, it’s just not the damn case at all.

As a writer, you always have to remember what you write isn’t always who you are. Just fucking think about that notion for a second. All these great directors and writers.

What if Quinton Tarantino was exactly the guy he is in his movies? Besides being a badass motherfucker who hates Nazis (I mean, that’s a song we can all dance to. Fuck Nazis.) I’m not about to sit there, pick out something offensive about the guy based on what I saw, then judge his entire life which I can tell you right now is much more awesome than mine is right now. I’m sure he’s a super chill dude. You really have to be to make movies or else you’ll end up killing yourself. Shit is stressful.

I bring all this up because those of you who know me personality or follow my work at all know the type of shit I write. It’s unapologetic, honest and really out there. It really makes you dig deep into that evil spot we all have and just make it cackle. It’s a really cleansing feeling to laugh at a good Anne Frank or Holocaust joke, you should all try it sometime. There are some really good ones out there.

All too often though, I get the person who’s all like.


ImageThen talk about how they’re offended as if it gives them some sort of magical rights. In reality it’s nothing but a bunch of bitching. What’s next? Name calling? An internet petition  I’m serious, it’s like high school never ended. Still have to deal with this bullshit.

If you’re writing things and doing things JUST to offend people, that’s wrong and really trollish on a whole different level. Don’t know who does those types of things unless there’s something seriously wrong with them mentally. 

Like the title says, it’s all about the joke. Anything I say is from a place of humor. Even if there’s truth to it, end of the day, it’s just a joke. Nothing more. It doesn’t hurt anybody. And once you start the joke, see it through to the end. You apparently thought it was funny enough to start, man up and finish it.

That beings me to the most important rule… this goes for people reading or watching what you wrote as well.


“Shut up: You Laughed.” is the company motto don’t you know.


So don’t go and judge anyone just based on what they write. If you must, engage them in a rational adult conversation, maybe they’ll see where you’re coming from. I personally always try and talk it out if someone feels upset in any way and basically tell them what I just said. It’s not necessarily how I feel, I’m not a Nazi, Nazis were made to be made fun of. Black jokes are hilarious because they’re based on truth. Jews like money, that’s just a fact that happens to be fucking hilarious if used in context.

Whatever I write I’ll defend. That’s about it. Anyone who writes should feel the same way.



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