Month: July 2013

Everything Else: The Warrior’s Path. All you need to know. And a prequel.


There’s a lot going on, There was the death of my friend there were casting changes. And still trying to fill in It’s been downright fucking nuts.

I still have a couple of roles to fill in but I really like where we are and that’s a lot of stuff that’s been going  smoothly. I like to take in actors that are sort of off the grid… you all know my feelings on making films around here. I guess I’ll break down everything that’s going to go down.




While we’re at GenCon next month, Eric, Shane, Alex, Lola, and myself will be shooting a short that will bridge the gap between movies 2 and 3. Expect the same subject matter you know and love. GenCon is going to be crazy and there will be a shitload of horseheads

-Dat 1080p presentation

Our first movie was shot at 480p and below most of the time second we went to 720p. Now, we’re going all the fucking way to 1080p because we’re just baller status like that.

-Darker Storyline

We’re really going to some places this time around. My actors really seemed to get into the concept of murder and shit. So we’re doing it tenfold. Simple as that.

-Rock Band


Yeah, it’s Blitz I know.

While writing, I tried to find a music game that was so mainstream that people would instantly would look at and say, “I can relate to this bullshit.” I mean dancing games are all well and good, but I can safely say and all you out there have played Rock Band at least once in your sad little lives.

-More Clyde


People seemed to love the hell out of this character and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. But how can you not love Bob in this role. We all love you Bob.


The cast and all that… we’ll get to that in the coming weeks. But into then you need to get fucking hype. Let’s go.

Pump it Up: The Warrior’s Path. What Almost Was.


Pump it Up: The Warrior’s Path was quite an ordeal. Eight months of filming… drama… and a lot of other shit.

But I have been able to work with some really special people that just mean the world to me, because that’s just how I roll.

-Missing Story arks.

We have a couple of story arks missing. First of which was going to lead into the third movie.

We never really explained what happened to SupTrashCan in the first movie. We were going to explain it. Here’s the unfinished scene.

[vimeo 69858508]

We actually lost some of the footage with Josh’s tantrum so that entire story ark was lost along with it. This also lead up to the third movie where he would be the main villain. We may include this footage in the third movie still, but I don’t know yet. I still need to put the last few things in motion before all that happens.

Secondly, I really applaud my cast for compensating for this part… the whole damn movie was supposed to focus around a new character, Cody. We shot quite a few scenes with this character. But again, thanks to Josh… we lost a good 20 minutes of movie and forced me into a storm of rewrites. We had all kinds of gay jokes, black jokes. It was hilarious. But that’s just how it goes. Some folks are just in it for themselves.

Lily’s Death:


Originally, I wrote it that Lily will would be killed upon exiting from the final battle scene. Again, because of Josh, we just didn’t have time to shoot said scene. And we won’t be having that actress back this time either, so Lily’s death will be handled off screen in the third movie.

-Yvette’s death

ImageEarlier drafts had Yvette being killed after the final battle. This was changed because the day of filming is when I thought a sequel would be fun.

We also have some extra footage too. Maybe I’ll upload some of the raw stuff.