Month: September 2013

We’re not dead. And we’re on IMDB now.


Okay guys. It’s been a minute. But we’re back. And we’ve  become bigger and stronger than before (I know this for a damn fact). I get the thrilling job of passing out paperwork. Yeah, it’s just a part of the job and I’m out there to make things as easy as I can for these guys. They’re my number one priority, sad to say #joehasareallysadlife.

But yes, we’re on IMDB because we’re awesome like that. Yeah, it was a surprised to me too actually. Just more pressure for me to get in there and get things fucking done. It’s just my job as the showrunner.


I guess during the week I’ll update you all on cast and whatever the hell else is up. It’s gonna be a busy week.


Peace out everyone.