Are we Heroes or Villains?

Life is really silly. But of course, life is very real and isn’t always sunshine and butterflies like in the movies. But like movies, you have to have the good guys and the bad guys. Heroes and villains. And in life, we need to decide who we are.

Naturally, we all want to be the hero. Stand up for what’s right and just be liked by everyone. The hero is liked by everybody, so natuarlly that’s what everyone wants to be. I mean, why the fuck would they not? It’s also a much easier route in life when not very many people are against you and you have that cheering section behind you praising the ground you walk on.

Then you have the path of the villain. They really don’t have to be bad people at all. It’s all just a matter of public opinion. But they just tend to be hated for one reason or another and forced to live their lives as that guy.

Either path doesn’t make you a good or bad person. It just determines what you need to do next to make your objectives come true.

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