Been a Minute. Casting time is back. Unfinished Business.

Sorry about the typos and such, still moving and getting everything together to start auditions next week. So get hype about that.

We’re finally doing casting for the last chapter of the Serious Business Saga. If you’re not familiar with the series, it takes place in a world where people play music games (Dance Dance Revolution band such) and things slowly devolve into issues of murder and betrayal.

Crazy I know.

But after the two straight years at the GenCon Film Festival, it’s well received enough apparently. So after 6 years off, we’re back to the project we’ve all loved the most, co written with a dear friend who is no longer with us.

The films the way they were written allowed us to go in whatever direction or tone we thought felt right.

And it’s a musical… Of sorts now. And that said, let’s get down to business.

Female 40-60: Revenge driven gal with a passion for dancing. Been waiting a long time to get that revenge as well.

Female 20-40: A rocker with a golden voice and a knack for dismembering people

Female 20-30: Sort of clueless, and getting sucked into a dark underworld she wants no part of.

Male 20-50: Excentric ringmaster type. Willing to do anything to get that perfect show or that extra viewer

Male 30-60: Detective type. Really into himself and takes his job too seriously.

And there you have it. Let’s get this rolling.

Send your resumes, headshots… And I don’t know whatever else. Surprise me to I’ll be sure to get to every single one of you.

And most importantly, yeah I’m paying ya’ll. I don’t believe in anything else.

Good night and good luck.

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