We’re All Special, Even if We Don’t See It.

I’m  weird as hell. That’s for sure. I tend to get along with others that are also weird as hell. But everyone who knows me knows this.

I have this discussion with every actor before we get into anything. But everyone has their own special abilities or something that makes them awesome and irreplaceable.

I generally bring up Barrett when I speak of this. You have someone who’s caring, compassionate, loving, and so creative… but with a quirky exterior. People can and will judge you on that alone. I’m the same way. They see I’m kinda quiet, make vulgar jokes and remain politically active and big on the social justice front.  What they don’t see is what you can really do and what you can do for them.

That includes being a good friend, having a kind word to say in a time of crisis.

And people won’t always defend you in your time of need. Simply because because it really doesn’t suit them or whatever imagine they’re trying to portray of themselves. Though shitty I understand why you wouldn’t stand up for the guy over there who seems unhinged. Everybody is worried about their own bottom line instead of worrying about what’s right.

Me personally a lot of it is that I don’t talk with my balls out like I’m the next great american filmmaker or I’m out to make the next Godfather. I’m not big in creative circles because I’m have to make work that people can enjoy and lose themselves in. I’m not here to jack anyone off. It’s not nearly my purpose. I’m not being paid for that. Pay my rent and send your penis this way.

But seriously…

I just don’t want to look back and say I should have done this or that in a creative space. Barrett even told me t Simply on the fact that I made an assumption about how someone is. You could lose a lot.

I just make it a rule to see how people tick. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes bad. It’s always worth it.

Now let’s make this movie Barrett and I wanted to make, and see what crazy stuff will happen.

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