Unfinished Business What the hell is this movie about, and why does it exist?

Okay, things are slow, but things are coming together. Unfinished Business is that that… business that just ain’t finished.

We’ve see the journey of Derek and company the past couple of movies, but we didn’t get to see a lot of what went on with Evelyn and her place in all the mess. A lot of that part of the story was lost in the last movie due to my DP being the worst person on the planet. But anyway…

At its core. It’s Evelyn’s story, and her redemption so to speak.


The movie takes place 8 years after the last movie. Everyone has moved on, everything seems to be at peace. Everyone has found new lives for themselves… but as you can guess, there’s one more problem. Evelyn has two older sisters. Two sisters that are even more crazy than her. So her attempts at leading a normal life. But this time, it’s noy just DDR and the like being serious business, it’s Rock Band this time around. And with the rise of streaming on Twitch, the opportunity for musically based gladiatorial combat has never been easier to execute.

The conclusion of th Serious Business saga is finally here.

Along with the returning cast, we also have some newcomes, Beka and Trena Penson. They both have gotten their taste of the material and I’m confident they’ll deliever the goods.

More than anything at this point, this is about closing this entire saga. There were a lot of great stories I wanted to tell with these character, so by hell I’m going to do it. It’s what me and Barrett would have done and I want to make something that both honors his memory, and a accomplishes what I’ve been trying to accomplish for about a decade now.

So let’s go.

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