Wolfen (Joseph William Greene)

What do you really wanna know? Get out of here.

Actually, Wolfen  is a young man living in Chicago Illinois under the name of Joseph Greene. He’s currently writing and shooting films while trying to scrape out a meager existence in the cosmos. He really doesn’t have much time to talk about himself in some  blog thing… like I’m doing now… shit…

This blog will be used to chronicle my writing, as well as philosophy you may or may not find interesting… not to mention a lot of far left wing bullshit I like to say. Bleed blue I say.

I’m the admin of the site you see before you, so if you have any questions you can hit the twitter.

You can also find me on various methods of communication. If you have a headshot/resume… or you just wanna shoot the shit I’m around all the time. Don’t be afraid to bother me because I’m most likely not doing anything anywho.

email: wolfenfilms@gmail.com

Twitter: @furrywolfen

Instagram: wolfenfilms

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/sexywolfen

PSN: YiffyWolfen

Xbox Live: YiffyWolfen

NintendoID: YiffyWolfen

Steam: YiffyWolfen

BlizID: YiffyWolfen#1987

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4649170/




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