2nd look

A Second Look at the Nasty

When you can’t sleep at 2AM, there are two things you can do.

1. Force yourself to watch a movie you reallllllllyyy don’t wanna watch.

2. Re-examine a film you like.

I wisely chose to do the latter. And I chose Nasty Old People. I was a fan before, and I can proudly say after a second watching, I still am.

If you all haven’t noticed the pattern with me, I’m into deep, character driven films. So this is really up my alley.

Another thing that helps my like this so much is. the fact everyon ein this movie is fucked up, from our heroine Mette to semi-delusional, lovestuck Elise.

The whole Nazi thing does seem random and forced still, but then again, life is pretty random as well and it gives Mette a little more depth.

This second time around I found myself gettingĀ engrossedĀ even more then last time… having recently reviewed my notes from the mental hospital. I felt like I connected. Very strange for a movie such as this… but to each his own right?

I plan to give it a show during my summer movie series so I’ll see what some other folks think of it.

Still one of my favorite indies.