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Let’s Talk About some Damn Puzzle Games

I’m going to keep this short.

I love Puyo.
I love Tetris.

Puyo and Tetris together. Yes!

And yes I know it’s been out in Japan for quite some time. And yes I’ve gotten to play it a few times. But now I can read stuff. Because it’s finally getting an (official) western release.


Here’s the video. I just can’t right now.

I knew it was coming. I just needed a date. And there we go. The question remains, do I get it for Switch or PS4? I might just go with PS4 because arcade stick. But I’m going to the Switch Event next week and will get some hands on time. So I’ll figure that out.

All right. Back the the grindy grind.


“Don’t Be That Guy” Overwatch Edition


We all know that guy.

Don’t be that guy that fucks your whole team up because you’re a dumbass.

1. Don’t play “X” Pls.

I play with my buddy Bigfoot all the time (He streams! Yay!) And (almost) every time he plays Symmetra. Symmetra is a good character. Symmetra has the highest fucking win percentage in the game right now. So that must mean everyone wants a Symmetra on their team because math, right? You would think.


“Plz don’t pick Sym. She sucks.”

That’s not what the numbers say. Yet Bigfoot is raking in those Golds. So, make of it what you will. You never know who can be balls out crazy with a character.


2. Telling folks to change their characters (at the start)

Now okay, I know that competitive is serious business. I take it pretty seriously too. But you have to remember that at the same time this isn’t professional eSports here. A certain team comp isn’t going to prevail every time and you’re generally playing with a bunch of randoms. You don’t really know what their strengths and weaknesses are as players right from the start.

However, whenever I do see folks struggling, I either switch characters to give THEM some back. Or I simply just ask them if they’re all right playing whoever they’re playing. I’m not just gonna be a dick about it. I need the other team to be salty. Not mine.

3. Less Time Typing. More Time Playing

This goes without saying. If you have time to type and complain, that’s valuable seconds where you could be in position or backing up your teammates.

4. Don’t leave the game.

Don’t fucking do it.

5. Healz Pls


If I’m playing support, I’m generally hanging around the group… you know, supporting. If you wanna run out alone like a dumbass and expect me to run in there and bail you out, that’s most likely not going to happen. Which kinda goes with number 3. In that time typing, your ass could get over to the group so I can heal ya’ll up.


Just remember this shit. And other stuff I might not think about. And maybe you’ll at least not have your team pulling their hair out.

Or everyone will still suck regardless.

With love.

A Lúcio main.


My Season with Lee Everett. Average Black Man.


After quite a while, the season is over and I put the controller down at a little past midnight. I teared up quite a bit. It had to be one of the most powerful endings I’ve ever seen in a video game sans Final Fantasy anything. We got to watch the evolution of a true hero. Not with powers or anything but just a person trying to get by while at the same time trying to do the right things in the eyes of a little girl.

Telltale did an excellent job of making you feel the emotion of every little thing, from killing people you have to kill to making hard choices involving body parts. You felt like the group you were with in the game could easily be any of your real life friends. Each character had a rich and emotional story that made me actually care about keeping them alive best I could. Most games make it feel like an escort mission. But here, it felt you like were all together, win or lose. That’s what makes good drama.Image

Every time things got a little better, they got 20 times worse. Then again, that’s how the apocalypse works right? From the people eating people to the crazy lady in the woods, to the bandits, to betrayals, to cancer patients beating the shit out of your friend. It was like life, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

It was also quite awesome to see Clem go from scared little girl to strong survivor over the couple of a few months.

And when it was all over, you get the feeling that things are just beginning.


It’s been fun Mr. Everett. You taught the girl good.

Season 2. Hurry up.


One thing I really wanted to do with the movie this time around is have some more intense dance game scenes. I know some of my actors aren’t players at all and a few have never actually seen the game played well.

Leroy and I intend to be in that tip top shape when it comes time for arrow stomp sequences. I don’t have Pump in The Lab, but I sure as hell got stepmania and a Blueshark pad. So… we spent the night just beasting out some songs and just trying to get some sort of arrow based stamina and know-how back.

Took a while to finally break the pad in, and I need to get a chair that isn’t low as fuck -________-

Nonetheless, we had a great time, and there will be more beasting to come, that’s for damn sure.

Sore as fuck right now, about to go back to more beasting in the morning. Good idea or best idea?

First to Five season 1

Bonk FTW

Things have been nothing but hectic around these parts, as you can see from the last couple of posts. But there’s plenty of fun to be had. In comes the ultimate Let’s Play… First to Five.

I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks thinking about what games have made people super salty over the years. Here’s a list. You might just see some high level Rise of the Robots lol

1. Super Mario Kart

2. Micro Machines (NES)

3. Turok 2

4. Pokemon Stadium 2

5. Mariokart 64

6. Pokemon Puzzle League

7. Mario Party

8. Timesplitters: Future Perfect

9. Diddy Kong Racing

10. F-Zero GX

11. The shitty Fighting Game Extravaganza.

  • Clayfighter
  • Rise of the Robots
  • Bloody Roar 2
  • Shaq Fu
  • Robo Pit

12. NFL Blitz 2001

13. Mario Party 3

14. Crusin’ USA (Fuck Chicago)

Sprinkled in will be videos of Smash Bros., KOF 13, Marvel, or whatever else we may think will be interesting.

I gotta line up hosts for each of these episodes. But it’s going to be quite epic.

You see any games we need? Just tell me what’s up.

I blew up a fucking blimp and flew the ground with a jetpack? Sounds Like a Winner.

I got a chance to play through Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken last week… I gotta say. It was a pretty good time.

First thing was first. I was excited about Co-Op. I always am. I grabbed a friend and we beasted through the Co-Op missions in a couple of hours.

You and a friend get to play as a couple of short chickens as you chase a General’s daughter throughout the beautifully rendered levels.

One thing I noticed right away was the lack of a weapon select. But with the use of team up attackes (ie. standing on the other player’s shoulders) it wasn’t that much of an issue. This did make the final boss ridiculously easy through. All and all, me and my friend ended our session at about 2AM, feeling very fullfilled. We did wish there was a 4-player mode though. Or maybe some online functionality.

The next day, I picked up the single player mode.

Much diffrent game.

The chicken you have is twice as tall. And he picks up new weapons along the way. There’s also a really deep storyline here, something the Co-Op had none of.

Also, there are these AWESOME jetpack levels involving blimps… which are only in single player as well. I think those levels would have been the shit with an extra player.

There are also a number of nice puzzles involving mind control devices that extended play time quite a bit.

The game is also much harder.

That being said, I wish all the levels and story from the single player were in the Co-Op. But I guess that’s something for the next game.


Beautiful landscapes. I don’t have a 3D-TV but seeing this makes me wonder if that investment would be a good one.


Very much so...

I blew up a fucking blimp and flew the ground with a jetpack. If you don’t think that’s cool, you need to kill yourself.


Co-Op mode seems like a shell of the rest of the game. I want to jetpack off blimps with my homies.

Frequently getting the LA Police treatment in corners. You’re going to die this way… a lot.

Honestly, I’m not into gaming like I used to, but games like this remind me why I love it. Sitting down with friends and blowing shit up.


Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is now on PSN. Snatch that shit up.

GenCon Wrap Up: Wolfen’s Take

3 hour car trip and we were there. Smack dab in the middle of what I guess could be called “Nerd Heaven”. My primary reason for being here was the screening of my film Dance Dance Revolution: The Warrior’s Path. That went as well as it could…

The second reason was to continue my coverage of the cons I go to. I did some C2E2 stuff a couple of months ago, and now I’m here for GenCon… and brought a few new writers along with me to share their take.


There wasn’t much going on Thursday except for my film. So we pretty much took the time to get settled in. We stayed at a Super 8 just outside the city. It was pretty nice, and there was a fuckin RALLY’S next to it.

Fuck yeah Rally's

Anyway, after getting settled in, we traveled back to the Con (About 10 minute drive) and found some badass 5 dollar parking (holla!). We actually spent all of our time in the game room brushing up on our fighting games.

In the game room however, we were greeted to a giant projector with Dance Central on it. That seemed to be the hit of the Con. It was interesting to watch that’s for sure. But I never want to here “Souja Boy” or “Teach Me How to Jerk”. Ever again… ever.

Friday: It was more of the same to be honest. I was rocking a camera and was taking pictures left and right. So much so that I didn’t really go to any panels. I was having so much fun just talking to people, but I’ll get into it more later.

Saturday: This is when I hit up a couple of the filmmaking panels. Got to meet David Nett (Gamers) and he had some kind words. Pretty badass dude, follow his ass on twitter @davidnett. I also went to a film financing panel that was literally no help to me. But I’m still glad I went. Got me some alone time.

Later that night was the Marvel 3 tournament which was going well until my guard randomly fell and I got hit by an Iron Man <___< yeah. That Iron Man wasn’t very good either. And fuck Marvel on PS3, seriously.

Sunday: Not much happened, we wrapped up and that’s about it. I bought some pretty cool shit (a hat and a potion bottle. Then we got back in the truck and drove all the way home. Aww-yeah.


The Bad:
-Well, the tagline for the con is the “Best 4 Days of Gaming.” I expected there to be a lot more console gaming represented. I was wrong, either that… or it’s kinda misleading. Either way, I was surprised that there wasn’t a single DDR machine or something in there. Yes, I know there are three in Tilt, but I’m surprised there didn’t bring one over.

-The Staff:

Barring a few people in the halls and those awesome folks in the press room… the staff is ass. Or at least it’s bring brought down to ass. There was so little communication between those running the actual events and those up front selling “Event Tickets”. One even almost overcharged me for the Marvel tournament too. And those are just my

-No cash money in fighting tournaments: That shit is dumb as hell. Yeah they give you a little trophy, but that’s not worth a 6 dollar entry, you feel me? Good ol’ Con pocketing that extra money. I see how it is.

The Good

-The People: I’ve never run into such a large concentration of genuinely nice people in a long time. They were all too willing to tell me about their favorite games. There was no age limit either, kids as young as 6 weeks old to people in their 80’s were all talking about gaming together. I’ve just never seen anything like it. I’m not really into tabletop stuff, but from what I observed, it’s pretty fun stuff. Maybe I’ll start playing some…

-The traveling game show guy. Nuff said.

-The ladies in the press room: They got us hooked up LIKE A BOSS.



Can’t wait to get the pictures up.

I think me and Stephen are going next year. If for any reason, just to body motherfuckers at fighting game tournaments.

Let’s see what my traveling companions have to say…

Support an awesome Indie Developer

I love Indie games… they’re not always as awesome as “World of Goo” or “Braid”… but there are a lot of great companys doing great things for those of us who are broke asses and can’t afford shit.

Enter Radiangames. They make some pretty damn awesome games for like… a buck. Dead serious. A buck.

Check this article out and be enlightened. I gotta go play Crossfire 2 now.

Aww fuck, Heavy Rain… I’m not getting any work done tonight

Your Work Day is FUCKED

So I was making headway on my movie… but then, my roommate came in from work and with him, he had Heavy Rain.


All I could think was, “Aww, fuck. There goes my productive evening.

The next 8 hours were spent trolling though one of the deepest, more intricate detective stories I’ve ever layed my eyes on. It’s so… fucked up, yet so real.

I don’t want to spoil the game for you. The story is just that good. Let’s just say it involves 4 people all fighting for their own sanity.

But I think mine and my roommate’s thoughts on the game can be summed up in these two videos.

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

I really recomend renting it, or borrowing for a friend, unless you want to go for all the endings of course.

I still found myself replaying a few of the scenes today. They never get boring.

What if Michael Bay Made a Shooter?

It would look at a lot like Blood Brothers. Just sayin.

Galloping Ghost Arcade has the nice gem hidden in their 2nd row. I happened to run across it after my hands started cramping something nasty from Gauntlet DL.

I remember playing Cabal as a kid at the Denny’s by my house. Yes, back in the day they had a couple of arcade games in Dennys… least the one in Country Club Hills did.

Anyway, if you’ve ever played a shooting gallery type game, you know what you’re in for.

However, every fucking thing is destructible. It’s marvelous! It’s as if Michael Bay were directing.

I really have no idea what’s going on in the game besides shooting at shit and making it go boom. But that’s not really a problem for me… in a game that is.

There are a few powerups as well, shotguns, and way too many grenades.

Eventually the game degrades into a “bullet hell” type of situation, but again… not a problem for me.

Spent a good hour in front of that motherfucka. Cleared 300k. I was starting to get the hang of it, but got pulled away for some King of Fighters 11 action.

I’ll need to get some pictures of it next time I’m up there.

Oh yeah, the reason I posted about this game now… I had a dream that I blew up my parent’s old house just like you do in this game. I was so fucking happy when I woke up. Best dream ever.

I will also take this time to plug my movie again. OH YEAH… haha