Mega Ran returns… yay! Get some.

I gotta get back to work on some movies. But I had to throw this one out there.

Anyone who’s been following me for any amount of time knows I have a hard on for Megaran. No homo of course.

After a couple of preview tracks and whatnot, the full album is out and I’m happy to say I’m not at all disappointed.

Sure, Mega Man 10 wasn’t anywhere near as musically defining as Mega Man 2 or even 3. But a number of the game’s tracks had my head nodding.

Megaran 10 covers pretty much all of the game’s tracks with the same great storytelling and gaming analogy you’ve come to expect over the past few years.

Download it at Amazon… or you know what, just Google that shitt. It’s simple enough, you all aren’t stupid. And it’s not like it’s expensive and shit.

I don’t always by music… but when I do, I find a quality independent artist. Here’s one right here folks.

Here’s hoping for a Mega Man X album… please?

Time to kick on Megaran 10 and get back to work.

Famicom Does Last Forever

Megaran and K-Murdock are back for a third chapter.

And I must say, it’s just as good as the other two. A little heavy on the explosions in the begining, but that’s okay. There’s a lot going on and I don’t even think most people will notice.

I approve. Take a look.

What’s This? A Music Post?

I can’t honestly say I’m a music critic. But I know a good music video when I see it.

Say hello to Forever Famicom… the movie.

Totally stolen artwork due to me be lazy and artistically retarded

Since I’m totally awful at talking about music I’mo keep this short.

Random (Mega Ran) makes all kinds of great rap music. He’s really a breath of fresh air these days. You should buy his stuff. He’s pretty damn awesome for someone who lives in Arizona.

Arizona is fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkked up. But that’s another conversation.

Also, right alongside him is the great K-Murdock… yeah boiiiiiiiiii. *ahem*.

Dunno if I’d call it nerdcore… but that’s why I’m not a damn music expert.

Just watch Chapter 1 and 2 and judge for yourself.