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Unfinished Business What the hell is this movie about, and why does it exist?

Okay, things are slow, but things are coming together. Unfinished Business is that that… business that just ain’t finished.

We’ve see the journey of Derek and company the past couple of movies, but we didn’t get to see a lot of what went on with Evelyn and her place in all the mess. A lot of that part of the story was lost in the last movie due to my DP being the worst person on the planet. But anyway…

At its core. It’s Evelyn’s story, and her redemption so to speak.


The movie takes place 8 years after the last movie. Everyone has moved on, everything seems to be at peace. Everyone has found new lives for themselves… but as you can guess, there’s one more problem. Evelyn has two older sisters. Two sisters that are even more crazy than her. So her attempts at leading a normal life. But this time, it’s noy just DDR and the like being serious business, it’s Rock Band this time around. And with the rise of streaming on Twitch, the opportunity for musically based gladiatorial combat has never been easier to execute.

The conclusion of th Serious Business saga is finally here.

Along with the returning cast, we also have some newcomes, Beka and Trena Penson. They both have gotten their taste of the material and I’m confident they’ll deliever the goods.

More than anything at this point, this is about closing this entire saga. There were a lot of great stories I wanted to tell with these character, so by hell I’m going to do it. It’s what me and Barrett would have done and I want to make something that both honors his memory, and a accomplishes what I’ve been trying to accomplish for about a decade now.

So let’s go.

The Next Films. Is casting time? Maybe it is.

Legal Paws (Short):

It’s high stakes litigation… with furries. Thus the name. Get it. It’s a pun. This script has been sitting for a good year, I think it’s time for it to get up and running.

Unfinished Business:

This one used to be called “Everything Else: The Warrior’s Path” which actually does have some footage. None of which is going to carry over into this next film. Nor is the similar structure of the last two movies in the series (thank God.) We’ll be able to start sort of fresh and deliver some content that isn’t QUITE over everyone’s head like we did last time. No drugs will be required to have a good time here. I’m going for a different tone. And Rock Band will be involved. So it’s going to be fun.

The Creative Process:

What do you do when you’re creatively bankrupt and need money? You make porn. But not just any porn. You want to redefine what porn can be. Much to the disdain of everyone around you.

I have some other scripts I’m working on too. But we’ll get to those when we come to them. Until then, stay tuned. And of course we’ll film some other things in between, but that’s just what we have now.

Hopefully I can cast this stuff soon. Hit me up with an e-mail or a tweet if you want to act in something


What’s New and What’s Going down.

New day, new year. All the bullshit. But hey, it’s all for the better.

Time has been here for a minute to figure out what to do next. I’m back in Chicago so I have a ton resources at my disposal one again.

But there’s a big problem that I was having. I didn’t really know where I belonged. I have this problem where I’m just not posh enough to hang out with the cool kids. Whether it be film, derby, or fighting games. I just never really fit in. No matter how much I wanted to. But it wasn’t all because they weren’t completely nice (some where actually quite cool) but it’s my problem of wanting to be me and no one else. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t kiss ass to anyone, don’t care who they are. Nor will I treat anyone differently than anyone else for any reason.

Which leads me to what I’m doing, we’re expanding what we’re doing.

We’re going to be active on Twitch and Youtube again… as well as Soundcloud now, doing various gaming a podcast type things. Got stuff planned, and it’s going to be fun.

On top of that, we’ll be releasing short films more often and maybe a new series or a feature or something. Dunno, we’re taking larger projects by ear. The focus is going to be on small, self contained things for now as the staff builds.

My intention is to build a space where we can all feel more comfortable being ourselves and making the things we want to make without the fear or necessity of having to conform to elements that might not be worth conforming for. No need to be posh, we’re just here to make cool stuff. It’s what makes us happy and fulfilled.

Not surprisingly I’m not alone in my sentiments.

There’s no doubt at all in what I want to do. I want to make stuff that’s fun. Not only for me but for those watching. That’s always the number one priority. However that can be a little difficult sometimes when you’re trying to make something new. It’s not always going to go the way you want it. But the important thing in the long run is to try and do things differently because you never know, you could be on to something.

But that’s where we’re at now. We’ll make some staff announcements soon. Yay. Let’s go.


See you guys at C2E2.

Story Time

It’s story time. Because I got more writing down and I just wanna go to bed.

People ask me what I do all day, it’s simple I work on stuff.
Now I see a ton of people working on whatever craft it is. And I have to ask, what exactly are they going for and who do they want to be? I could go on and on about metaphorical casting couch all day. But that would be a long and hilarious conversation for another day. Just remind me to kill myself if I ever start to be that vain person.

For me, what I do goes back many many years to kindergarten. I guess being able to read and write at that particular age was a big deal. And I wasn’t eating paste, so that’s good. But I also enjoyed writing stories. People seemed to like them. And that never really stopped.

Then we go forward 14 years to homeless college student me who has to decide between school and starving to death. Of course opting for not staving. I always looked forward to going to the movies on Fridays and spending the day there until I had to go to work. As you know it’s a shitty existence to say the least. But sitting there and losing myself in those movies made everything okay for a little bit.

I really liked that feeling. Kept my life from being a complete shithole instead of half of one.

So after the air force thing and the mental hospital thing (that wasn’t my fault) I started to actually do stuff.

I’m not trying to tell people how they should feel or make some artsy and pretentious when I make a movie. You’re not going to remember those movies in a year usually.

I’m trying to make something that someone can watch and just feel great while watching it. I want to help people in the same way that movies helped me back then, and still do. Not that I don’t like an artsy shmegegge every now and then.

To see people laughing and having a good time, I feel like I did my job. Go me.

I know I’m not the only person who thinks like that but I think I’ll eventually run into them as I continue to make fun stuff for others and try to treat others well.

I’m not a popular guy or even a nice guy. I’m not touchy feely And will never be liked by the masses unless he has something they want (this already happens) But I’m never going to pretend to be something I’m not.

So I’m never blowing people off, I’m always trying to make stuff out of nothing. And it rarely turns into anything.

C-Block: Let’s Talk About The format

Been getting a ton of questions about distribution. How’s it going to work, do you have it lined up… and so forth.

It’s actually quite simple. The web series format is a new breed, but it’s a breed that everyone has access to… if that makes any damn sense at all. I can make everyone as long or short as I need it, and everything I have is mine and is controlled (mostly) by me. Which means you won’t have to go to the middle of nowhere just to see it.

The alternative would be to take it to festival after festival, where barely no one will see it. Sure, by doing so it gets you all kinds of personal accolades, but it doesn’t really do you much good in the long run when people actually want to see your stuff. And since this is crowdfunded, I want to people to see the work being made as soon as I can get it to them. Not a year or so afterwards when I’m done jacking myself off at film festivals you’ve never heard of. i’d be good for me, not for anyone else, especially you, the viewers who have been patient enough as it is.

I’m in the business of fun and entertainment. I just want you guys to have fun to, and as much as possible. Thus, we’re making a web series and getting quality content to you as quickly as humanly possible. The audience is what matters and I know what you want, even if you don’t know it yet.

Now I have to rest because I’m skating tomorrow. Lucky me.

Be sure to donate, so I can make this monster of a series.

I’ll see you all next time.

Here’s the link for you guys. Share it up..


Let’s Waste Some Time: On the movie, leaving leaving for Indiana, and general life lessons. Trying to make movie in Chicago, and other things you may or may not be interested in..

It’s been a crazy time filming this movie, I have to say. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But that’s kind of the way I am. If there’s not challenge then something will always seem off. I feel like it won’t be as awesome as awesome as it could or should. Everything I do I always give a lot more than I should. Why? Because I love what I do.
Why do I do it if it causes you such pain and frustration?
It’s simple. Look at my life. My life sucks. It just sucks. I got a family that hates my guts and has gone as far to try and have me institutionalized (that was a great story). Then you have so called friends that don’t even acknowledge your presence… until of course they need something. Then they feel like talking. It’s pathetic quite frankly. Time and time again

This is why I make movies. I have a unique chance to make people’s lives not suck so much for an hour or two at a time. It’s something I do pretty okay I must say (though I’m sure some would disagree.) But it really makes me feel like I’m contributing something.

It’s never about me. It’s about the project and everyone in it. I do my very best to stand up for my guys. I pay them. Everything about every movie is funded out of my own pocket because I believe in what I’m doing. I put everything into it.

I honestly wish those I work with felt the same  way. It’s a little heartbreaking sometimes but you really have to push through it.. They don’t know how hard you work or that most of their day is, but they’re actors. What do you truly expect right?

So I came to the decision that it’s time to go. There’s really nothing for me here. Much as I like Chicago I don’t really like the people that are in it quite frankly. It just seems like everyone is really full of shit as I’m learning. Lot of talk. Not a lot of doing. And I hate that. The more we talk, that’s less time we have to really get down and dirty and finish things that need to be finished and whatnot. It’s frustrating to say the least.

That’s kinda the deal with trying anything unusual and new. It’s the weirdest thing. I’ve had more support abroad for all of my projects than I’ve had in my own city. It’s like I have the plague. No one wants to really be associated with me, and those that do… don’t even really mention me at all. Like I’m nothing. Again, that really sucks but I’ve tried to not let it bother me. Have to have that diamond skin you know.

However, I’m a man of my word. And even though I’m moving to Goshen, Indiana I’m going to travel the 2 hours back quite frequently to finish it. Why? Because I’m a man of my word. And we’re going to finish the damn movie. Happy with anyone or not, I have to get it done because I don’t give up on things because they’re hard. I guess that’s the gamer in me.

But hopefully I can go where people don’t know me, make new friends, and finish school. Then go wherever I please from that point on. It should be fun times ahead. And I’ll be looking forward to watching roller derby and helping Willie because no one knows how to use a camera.


All and all, it took me a number of years, but I’ve come to this conclusion.


It’s not me, it’s them. I’m a nice, cool, guy. Everyone else just sucks and the people I know don’t deserve me.

If feels good to say for once. Fuck being humble. This city is awful and I can’t wait to be away from all these people for a very very long time.

Everything Else: The Warrior’s Path. All you need to know. And a prequel.


There’s a lot going on, There was the death of my friend there were casting changes. And still trying to fill in It’s been downright fucking nuts.

I still have a couple of roles to fill in but I really like where we are and that’s a lot of stuff that’s been going  smoothly. I like to take in actors that are sort of off the grid… you all know my feelings on making films around here. I guess I’ll break down everything that’s going to go down.




While we’re at GenCon next month, Eric, Shane, Alex, Lola, and myself will be shooting a short that will bridge the gap between movies 2 and 3. Expect the same subject matter you know and love. GenCon is going to be crazy and there will be a shitload of horseheads

-Dat 1080p presentation

Our first movie was shot at 480p and below most of the time second we went to 720p. Now, we’re going all the fucking way to 1080p because we’re just baller status like that.

-Darker Storyline

We’re really going to some places this time around. My actors really seemed to get into the concept of murder and shit. So we’re doing it tenfold. Simple as that.

-Rock Band


Yeah, it’s Blitz I know.

While writing, I tried to find a music game that was so mainstream that people would instantly would look at and say, “I can relate to this bullshit.” I mean dancing games are all well and good, but I can safely say and all you out there have played Rock Band at least once in your sad little lives.

-More Clyde


People seemed to love the hell out of this character and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. But how can you not love Bob in this role. We all love you Bob.


The cast and all that… we’ll get to that in the coming weeks. But into then you need to get fucking hype. Let’s go.

Everything Else: The Warrior’s Path… This is high level stuff we’re doing.


Filming has begun… and I wanted to share a little clip with you guys. It’s far from complete. But I wanted to show you guys the tune we got going here.

Check out this rough scene on the great hipster video uploading site.


Like what you see? Go like the page and stuff.

Hell yes, we’re back. And here’s the future.

Hey guys. It’s been a hard life. But I’m here to talk about what the fuck we’re going to do next.

1. Youtube

If you haven’t checked out the Youtube yet do so. We have plenty of gaming related stuff. Mostly Marvel 3 stuff but we have other things too. We intend to have some Let’s plays sometime soon as well. Just let us know what we should do.

Also, you’ll see some shorts or some other nice things as well. You’ll also get our features as well. Why not use Vimeo? We’re not a bunch of fucking hipsters here.

2. Everything Else: The Warriors Path
Yes, this is the last part of the series. It’s been fun but we have bigger and better things ahead of us. The will be casting notices and whatnot very soon as I lock down these main roles. Everyone seems to be loving the new script thus far and I couldn’t be more proud. Nothing but high hopes and good things for this movie.

3. Dating for the Realistically Challenged
This is he I’ve been working on for quite some time. What do we get when we combine the mentally I’ll with speed dating? The result is just all kinds of fucked up… To say the very least. This will be shot Ina single day during the summer. And it will be quite sick.

4. A Hint of Cherry
I have been working on this off and on for the past couple of years. Its about vampires with some really questionable tastes. Hopefully we will have this filmed soon as well.

5. Dat Journalism
I’m jumping back into reviews. Gaming, movies, etc. I will also be doing con coverage starting with C2E2 next month. I will also be at Anime Midwest and GenCon Indy this year. If you see me around, shoot me a holler.

Its going to be an awesome year. Let’s rock.

Well, the movie is out. Before you go and watch… Let’s see what I learned.


Production started in August… of 2011… and now the movie is finally coming out more or less.

I’ll have a Youtube link for you guys as soon as I get back.

I just wanted to go over everything that happened and why the hell it took a year and a half other than the 4 months of turnaround with the first movie. I can tell you why. Personal problems.

In general I like to keep my lost tempers and anger strictly in a private setting. That’s why you haven’t seen any (really) angry posts and a lot of woe-is-me bullshit. Because blowing it up and making a scene will really help no one, especially. But there are just some cases where it’s just too funny to keep it to yourself and I’ll get to that.

First off it was back in January of last year. I had people over from New Years (I got a pretty nice setup, so it was really the place to be.) But long story short, one of my actors ending up having sex with my art director’s girlfriend… in my house. Yet he got all mad at me. It made no damn sense and everyone ended up mad at me. Sucks doing the right thing sometimes but whatever. I’d do the same thing again for any of my friends.

Secondly, it was my DP Josh. It was a weird relationship. We had worked together before and it was great. He came to me and said he thought we could do even better this time. How can I really deny that type of enthusiasm right? But when I make a movie, and as my actors and the like know. I like to have a particular type of relationship with my actors. While they work with you, they’re your family and should be treated as such with the utmost respect, even if you don’t get it back.

He really didn’t see things the way I saw it. I never want to put them in a bad spot. I need them to be 100% for me or not at all. Thus why I’m open to communication at all times during the day. He frequently argued with me about these things. But that’s the deal with me in those one on one arguments. You’re gonna lose to me every single time. EVERY SINGLE TIME. He realized this after about the 10th time and decided to drag everyone else into it and I was all like “hell no”. That’s when I decided to fire him. He didn’t take it well and took some footage with him. You’ll notice the movie gets really shaky at times. That’s why. We’re missing about 20 minutes of movie that would have made things make a hell of a lot more sense. We also lost 2 characters in the process. Three actually since I couldn’t fit Barrett’s scene in there anymore.

He was surprised at what I did and said he thought I was “Nice guy”. That’s also why initially pretty cold and mean to everyone. Because nice guys tend to get screwed over all the time. This is no exception.

And lastly it was just me. It’s all a bunch of judgment calls really. I shouldn’t have lost my temper with Josh, but that stuff had to happen if I wanted to get this done. And everyone just needs to expect a little less nice me the next time around. Just because. Not just to be mean but because more needs to happen. If you’re not 100 percent with me I got no time. Simple as that. I work too hard for absolutely nothing to not get the cooperation I actually work for and deserve.

But I’m actually going to stop this now and try and collect myself before screening tonight.