Dance Dance Revolution: The Warrior’s Path

Maybe, but I’m not through yet.

Zero’s eternal words from Mega Man X one. It’s really no diffrent than how the movie is going right now. Rest assured I’m going to have a lot of nice stories posted here once we wrap production.

But let’s get to the meat of things shall we?

We’ll be screening at GenCon Indy on August 17th, check it.

Is that not sexy? We got a primetime spot too. 9:30pm to be exact. It’s gonna be tits.

But we still have some ways to go. But I’m going to end this update by posting a buttload of stills. Yay stills.

Remember, we gots a facebook page and stuff to harass us at and yeah. See you in a couple of months.
































Finally, let’s explain these two movies.

Greetings true believers. I’m just gonna get right into it. The whole “Serious Business Saga” (DDR and Pump it Up: TWP) actually make a lot of sense believe it or else.

In case you haven’t already figured it out. It’s a huge allegory for…



We have Derek, he’s like the new user on the block. Doesn’t quite have an avatar yet. Doesn’t know how to handle things correctly. Get’s mixed up with Team Z, our film equivalent of trolls.

What then ensues is what happens on any internet forum… pettiness, trolling, and a heapload of fucking butthurt. It’s really quite crazy at times. But like what any troll, they can be taken down with a little help… and practice. In all my days on internet forums, I have never seen a troll get taken down alone. That theme is there with Wolfen and company banding together to take down this threat. That’s why I sometimes call it “Internet: The Movie”.

Now we move to the sequel, that we’re doing now. It takes place about a short while later.

We continue with our analogy at this point. We have Yvette, who’s seen the glories of dancing games and wants a piece for herself. Much like those asking to be a mod on a forum… even though everyone hates them. We have Aaron, who’s the elite of elites… the guy who really runs things who finally sees what the hell is going on and tries to fix it. In this case, it’s literally sending people out to murder those who would otherwise mess things up.

We have John’s Mom, Evelyn who basically the same as Aaron, but handles things a little more directly.

Maya then becomes the moderator. The one who is in charge of keeping the peace at all costs. In this case, it involves even more killing.

Then we have Lily, Ryzen’s mom. You know that guy that always butts in where they’re truly not welcome or needed? That’s Lily.

All and all, the double feature is just the internet converted for your movie viewing pleasure

That’s all the detail I care to go into right now, I’ll have more clips and stuff over the next few weeks as we finish up.




One thing I really wanted to do with the movie this time around is have some more intense dance game scenes. I know some of my actors aren’t players at all and a few have never actually seen the game played well.

Leroy and I intend to be in that tip top shape when it comes time for arrow stomp sequences. I don’t have Pump in The Lab, but I sure as hell got stepmania and a Blueshark pad. So… we spent the night just beasting out some songs and just trying to get some sort of arrow based stamina and know-how back.

Took a while to finally break the pad in, and I need to get a chair that isn’t low as fuck -________-

Nonetheless, we had a great time, and there will be more beasting to come, that’s for damn sure.

Sore as fuck right now, about to go back to more beasting in the morning. Good idea or best idea?

Aaron in Japan: My Inspiration

I started playing DDR back in 2002. DDR 4th Mix+ at Wright’s Barnyard in Lansing, IL (RIP). Who can forget classics like “Cat’s Eye” or “Wonda”?

Anyway, AIJ is 13 years old now. AIJ, or Aaron in Japan for those not in the know, is a site mostly where music game players come and post about topics of their intrest. Which is pretty much just dance games and Loli. I started posting there at around the time my friend Brandon (Dyme) started to post. He said that’s where all the good players were.

He was right. I guess I popped in at around the golden age when we could find good DDR machines all over the place. Everyone was playing. People were leveling up. We could really just hang and have a good time. Not to mention, I have friends for life in Lefty, Darkmage, and even that fag GTC. Not to mention SonGohanX and NicX who I should be seeing soon.

You could say that AIJ really changed my entire life. It really did.

The Bemanifest trip was the first real road trip I ever took without my family around. We drove 20 hours straight. GTC, Lefty, Darkmage and I… and we even picked up a Canadian along the way at a McDonalds at 2AM. Shit was crazy. But I learned a lot about myself and came back a person who stood a little bit taller. This led to a lot of fallout… but I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Without AIJ, I must likely wouldn’t have even gone and who knows how life would be now.

I also got a front row seat to the decline of the modern gamer. Back in my day, when we didn’t have the internet (gasp) we had to go over to friends houses on Saturdays to play games. We learned a lot about sportmanship, and really just life itself. All by just playing games with other people. There was compitition, but it rarely ever got unhealthy.

This is not the case I saw on AIJ.

Since it’s the internet, people are going to act rudely, a lot. The amount of competition and hypothetical dickswinging I can really just blame on the lack of actual social interaction. You couldn’t do this shit at the arcade back in my day. You’d get your ass kicked. But it’s just the world we live in now.

In case you all didn’t realize… this is where Dance Dance Revolution: The Warrior’s Path comes into play.

Darkmage mentioned it first. It’s “Internet: The Movie”. You have the users (Derek, Wolfen, Yvette) then you have trolls (SupTrashcan, Ryzen, Terminator). The trolls want nothing more than to put the users out of existence. Everything is taken seriously when it really shouldn’t… and people get butthurt over the smallest thing.

Then in Pump it Up: The Warrior’s path. Without spoiling much, we bring in the moderator. Who deals with the trolls in her own way. You’ll understand when you see it.

Back to AIJ, I really don’t post on there anymore because I like my IQ at 145 where it is. However, I can’t hate on it’s existence. He’s brought together a lot of good people and really helped make my life the way it is, for better or worse. I have to thank him so much for that.

Here’s to another year of not so great people on an otherwise very nice site.

Dancing games are serious business… in Australia

DDR: The Warrior’s Path had some international assistance. DJ Cyo dropping a couple of tracks from the wonderful fairytale-land of Mexico.

Well, with Pump it Up: The Warrior’s Path. He’ll be back with a more complete score. Isn’t that lovely?

But more importantly… I mentioned in an earlier post that we’ll be having some special segments in and around both films.

Here’s the kicker… some will be written and directed by me of course.

Others? Well they’ll be helmed by a crack team of writers and directors, doing their thing.


Allow me to be proud to welcome the Aussie filmmaker Nate Smith follow his bitch ass on Twitter.

Okay, so he’s not a bitch-ass. That would make him too much like that Chris Langer guy I dislike so much. But whatever. He’s going to make his country proud… or get thrown out of it for assisting a crazy black man at poisoning America’s youth. Expect some Western Australian charm.

I never knew there were actually human beings in Western Australia… The more you know.

I’ll be announcing more special guests as I get them. This movie’s going to be epic. Just you wait and see. I feel that this is going to be a big week.

Sequel time. And the “Serious Business” saga

Nuke-Con is over and it’s time to chalk up another con been to and screened at. Let’s all have a moment of silence for all of the uncool people that haven’t seen DDR: The Warrior’s Path yet.

Okay, but now it’s time to continue moving forward. We may be hitting another con or two before things really start to get real. I’ve been checking out audience feedback. Just seeing what works and what doesn’t. It’s pretty fun that way.


A Hint of Cherry is the next film, but with that just awaiting funding… we need to keep busy.

That’s why it’s time to start talking about Pump it Up: The Warrior’s Path.


This will be the conclusion to the “Serious Business Saga”.

Most of the original cast will be back… but mostly in cameos and what not. I like to keep the blood fresh on these projects.

I’m in the process of writing the script now as I confirm who will actually be returning… besides myself.

What I can say right now is we’ll be seeing the deaths of a few returning characters… in a bloody fashion I might add. And we’ll see Yvette reach her true potential.

Casting has begun once more.

After this film is done. We will hit the festival on con circuit much harder than we have. The first and second films will be combined into a double feature. Complete with all kinds of fun things in between the movies. Crazy shit’s gonna go down I can assure you.

Dance Dance Revolution Sequel Time.

Been asking myself this since we first screened in July. Is it really worth the time and effort to make a sequel to this thing?

When I went into making it, I really didn’t expect much from it. But uppon setting down and seeing what we’ve actually accomplished, I though even harder about it.

But is there more story to be told? Yes, there really is.

Great ready in 2012, because Pump It Up: The Warrior’s Path is coming in 2012. Bigger budget, more dancing games. It’s gonna be pretty epic if I do say so myself.

Since it’s going to focus around Pump It Up, I wan’t to get the international community involved a little more (because let’s face it, they’re all pretty awesome.)

I’m working on a draft as well speak and I can guarantee all the stuff you liked about the first one… including plenty of talk of Arbys.

Will I be able to get the whole cast back? I’m going to tell you right now that’s going to be a no, due to various issues. But most of everyone will be back and greater than ever because they love me.

I’m lovable like that.

So yes, Pump it Up movie… next year. Let’s roll.

Reflecting on Filmmaking and why no one is working for me for free anymore.

I’m in need of some encouragement and so are other members of the A Hint of Cherry crew. I just want to reflect on the hardships.

Dance Dance Revolution: The Warrior’s Path was a pretty original experience. But really not one I ever want to repeat. Since it was so obscure we were able to get next to nothing fund-wise… I wasn’t able to get the staff or the awesome actors I really wanted (Not saying I didn’t luck the fuck out and get some cool ones anyway ).

The film was nothing more than guerrilla filmmaking at sadly it’s very finest. It’s a fun thing to do, but not for a Goddamn feature, shit. It was insane. But we made it through and I think we’re all better people from it.

Oh, and protip: When your director gives you a comment. Hell, if ANYONE gives you a compliment, don’t turn right around and insult him. Just sayin’.

I always want to try and put my actors and whoever is working for me in a position to succeed. Directors, if you’re just trying to create art and doing so at the cost of your cast and crew… you’re really fucking doing it wrong and need to find a new line of work. I personally make sure I get everyone I work with all the exposure they can, even if it means taking a back seat to your own work to promote them. This is what being an awesome filmmaker is all about. If you make them look good, you’ll look good for picking them up. This is why I still handpick my cast now, if I ask you, be honored because I’m about promote the fuck out of you.

Now that that’s all out of the way, it’s time for a list of sorts. Why is no one going to work for me for free… anymore.

1. You actors are fucking weird.

  • This isn’t really a problem
  • However…
  • Yeah, you’ll some weird fuckers. Talented but weird.
  • You all deserve it for the things I make you do and say, I know some of them aren’t easy.
  • All I really need you all to do is show up and say stuff, some money will guarantee that happens. I’m sorry, I don’t trust human beings. I like dogs.
  • Actors are weird.
2. Stress Level
  • Nothing is worse than making a film and realizing you have absolutely no one with a particular talent you need. This makes you have to pull these talents out of your ass and that’s not too great a feeling… ever. Fuck that shit.
3. Production Value
  • DDR had some pretty good production values actually. Though sometimes we had to go to great lengths in AWFUL ASS places (like Northwest Indiana, fuck that place.)
  • Filming at this apartment sucks. Lots of random variables. With some funds, we can get some places that are a little more… well, better. Yes. More better #grammar
So yeah, I think that’s a nice and entertaining breakdown of where I am film-wise. I hope you all enjoyed it.

DDR: The Warrior’s Path… Thanks all

It all started in October, and after a buttload of months of running around with my head cut off, DDR: The Warrior’s Path is now complete.

From my first supporter and biggest fan Christye to our latest edition Claire… I think this is one of the greatest groups of folks I’ve been around in a really long time. And we all know I needed good people around me… as some of you saw first hand.

The project didn’t go the way I wanted it… at all. But I guess that’s what makes it pretty good. The random crazyness is the staple of this one.

Christye: The one person no one here saw, heard from, or knows (except Shane). She’ll be at GenCon to hang out with us for a bit. Without her, the ball never would have gotten rolling and now I owe her something of a sexual nature… or various baked goods. Same thing.

Cody: Ahh, the stuff great career memories are made of… “Remember that time I picked you up from the Hammond train station? Good times…” but, I’m just glad someone actually read me shit and convinced me that I didn’t suck so much.

Brendan : Bringing real acting into the movie… wrongwitchu?

Laine: Too bad you had to leave before we finished all your stuff, but we worked around it well.

Barrett Blomberg: … … … … … You are always in character. And you’re yourself. Can’t ask for much more than that. But when you’re acting… you’re actually… good. Really good.

Colleen Mercer: You did Kevin’s hair… because I have a penis and can’t do hair.

Kevin: Thanks for letting us use your house so many times over the past few months… and for being our villain. Smug motherfucker.

Josh: I’m pretty sure you and I lost a lot of sleep and health over the last few months, but now we can rest for a minute. The movie looks pretty and that’s all on you. Plus, you didn’t break your leg… but you did almost lose your hearing thanks to a certain someone…

Bob: Maybe I wrote you some better lines than I previously thought… came off a little too smooth for you. haha.

Norbert: You lost the game.

Ryan: It was great hanging out with us and what not. Hard to find other black people that show up for stuff <___<

‘Fluff’: Fuck, you’re so British. But you all the same height as the actual Yvette and twice the age (almost). But anyway, it was great you actually came out and helped us all in our time of need. Not to mention adding a sense of class to this movie. I smell an Oscar.

Monster Joe: Dude, you remind me of Jeff Bridges a bit… no lie.

Alex: The truck is in every scene.

Now, comes the fun part. Distribution. So just sit back all of you and see what happens. I have to wait to hear from a number of places. We’ll see what the fates deal us.

And tell everyone in the universe to buy a DVD. These festival entrys are expensive yo.

Time to start over. Next project GO!