Yoah Dawg, I Heard U Liek Linkz

Because I’m so awesome and know so many damn awesome people… I put some links up in this bitch. If I know you pretty well, I’ll link your site or whatever.



The Offical Megaran HipHop Forum

-The official place for everything you need to know about nerdcore rapper Megaran/Random. lol proboards. I know he has more than 6 fans. Post you jerks.

But yeah, he’s a really great guy and deserves your support.


-It’s Foursquare… for fuckin movie and TV nerds. What else can I say. It’s a nice way to see what yours and other people’s tastes are. You can even get free stickers. Fuck yeah stickers!


  1. Hello,

    I am interested in auditioning for the film. I was wondering where I could send my head shot and resume.

    Thanks much,

    Stephen Bailey

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