C-Block (Roller Derby Web Series)


In the world of Roller Derby, there’s the sport that played. Then there’s the sport that’s played after hours. Similar in nature but, far more sinister and violent.

Thunder Dome meets Death Race. On skates. With a lot of that pulpy comedy and drama we’ve all been known to love over the years. Think of it as a big homage to those great Tarantino and Rodriguez movies. But in a smaller form that you can enjoy even when you’re taking a break to poop. And by that I mean it’s a web series guys.

And you couldn’t have a roller derby series without roller derby skaters can you? We have skaters from Bone City Rollers (Warsaw, IN), Naptown Rollergirls (Indianapolis, IN), and Bleeding Heartland (Bloomington, IN) on our cast with even more to come in the future.

I’m making it a point to make it a series that filmgoers (or youtube watchers I guess) can be proud of as well as something the derby community can look at, be proud of, and just say is pretty damn cool. And I like violence (the pretend type).

If you have any ideas or would like to help in any way (costuming, extras, artwork, etc) or just want to ask any sort of questions just hit me up in this comment section, hit our facebook page or at


or if you lilke twitter @furrywolfen

A new series. Coming when it’s coming… Be happy. Be glad. Get ready to have a ton of laughs, tears… whatever you want. And get ready for a whole lot of blood.

We have a donate button here, in case you feel like supporting a one of a kind derby series. This stuff is expensive to do. We’ll do our best with what we have but we can always do better. That extra light, that extra set of wheels, or extra actor we have to pay may be the difference between a good series and a terrible one.

Donate and get yourself that super sweet producer’s credit.

The Donate Button

Go ahead! Click and donate!

Check us out at iMDB as well. We’re cool like that. Tons of good info there on all our great actors and stuff. Share it around. It’s going to be a big deal. I can feel it.




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