Dance Dance Revolution: The Warrior’s Path


imdb_logoThis project was featured in Chicago DIY Film

Derek is new to the Dance Dance Revolution scene. A strange scene which has been illegal since a freak accident during a game took many lives years ago. The sport went underground and the rules are simple… win, you’re rich. Lose, you die.

Enter our hero.

Derek likes money. So much in fact that he decides to pick up the now illegal sport of Dance Dance Revolution. He tries to join a local group known as Team Z. The group’s leader Ryzen Xia is not impressed and tries to have him murdered. But in the end really fails to accomplish such a goal.

Having escaped his death, Derek has to bring together a team of the greatest DDR players to ever play the game. Or will his plan backfire and only result in his eminent death? Dancing games truly are serious business.

Part of the “Serious Business Double Feature” which can be viewed on Vimeo.

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